I think it is important to give back something. To offer some return for the learning and experience we have. For me, to read a book and never speak of it is to miss some measure of the value.
Of course, one cannot always achieve the full measure of this ambition. Sometimes I find myself reading a work that does not spark new thoughts or ideas. Sometimes my photos are simply snapshots and I am not inspired to write about them. Sometimes I am occupied with other events.
When I have time, I will put material here at Literarytech. Thank you for visiting. I hope you find something here that enriches your day.
I will leave you to explore.
Terms of Use
Words and images have a certain power.
Words convey ideas. Meaning. Feeling. Connections.
Images capture memory. History. Places. Emotions.
The connection of words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs, and all this leading, one hopes, to coherent expression of thought, gives life to our connections as humans. The capture of images can remind us of loving times and carry learning of places and times past. When we are connecting as humans, it is important to keep a friendly perspective and listen and see with a presumption of good intent.
The connection of words and images, ideas and people on a website present issues that should be understood: ownership, privacy, and responsibility.
The content I create here belongs to me. If you want to use it for non-commercial purposes, I will readily grant permission with your assurance of appropriate attribution or credit, simply email me. If your use involves making money, then you must discuss this with me as it seems only fair that I have an opportunity to profit from my creation if you are using it to create monetary benefits. Barter and trade is always an option.
Let me also clearly state that I take your ownership seriously. If you ever suspect or know that I have used your property without permission, please know that I did so inadvertently. Let me know and I will repair the error. I do not currently make money from this website, so I hope that an apology and removal or attribution will suffice.
I should also say something about privacy. This is a subject I think about in terms of ownership. Anything that is yours or is about you remains in your control. I see this as being your user information, personal identification and personal comments. I have no plans to share this information with anyone outside of the normal operation of this website. Should you ever have any questions about this, please contact me directly.
This is a site where I post my thoughts as they come to me at the time I post them. I alone am responsible for the content of the articles.
I am not responsible for the comments or anything that others say or do regardless of how they trace their actions back to my words. It would be foolish to attempt to hold me responsible for anything you or others might do or say. I mean, consider the reality that much mental illness is undiagnosed and you will understand the need for good boundaries.
My employer may come into the writing because I obviously think a great deal about the work that I do for that firm and those customers. That said, I am not a formal spokesperson for my employer and my comments and thoughts are not an expression of the corporation. They will be quick to tell you that they are not bound by anything I might say here.
Finally, be aware that my thoughts and opinions change over time. Take care with any presumptions about what I think. The world is a constantly changing place and my thoughts and opinions will change with the development of my experience and knowledge.
Read this website at your own risk.
I take no responsibility for any harm you may claim based on words published on a website and offered freely. If you need counseling, find a counselor. If you need consulting, contract a consultant.
If you want to think about ideas and share perspectives without a specific goal or particular need, please join me here at Literarytech.
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