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About @Literarytech

I think it is important to give back something. To offer some return for the learning and experience we have. For me, to read a book and never speak of it is to miss some measure of the value.

Of course, one cannot always achieve the full measure of this ambition. Sometimes I find myself reading a work that does not spark new thoughts or ideas. Sometimes my photos are simply snapshots and I am not inspired to write about them. Sometimes I am occupied with other events.

When I have time, I will put material here @Literarytech. Thank you for visiting. I hope you find something here that enriches your day.

I will leave you to explore.

Purchasing Prints

During your exploration, you may see a photo that you want to print. I am honored that my photo has spoken to you such that you would decorate your world with it.

Be aware that the watermark you see will not appear on the print.

I have limited the number of print options for simplicity. There is much more that is possible. Please contact me if you would like something special. Also contact me if you would like to license a digital copy for publication.

If you are a family member and want a family snapshot, please contact me and I will make that available at cost.

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