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5 June 2016: Cleaned up my pictures from my study abroad in Rome. The UD Rome experience was invaluable to me. I've started to tell the story, but it will take a while to unwind the whole thing. And I'm likely to receive edits and memory corrections from my colleagues.'

4 June 2016: Added Ben's graduation photos! Happy Event!!

6 Mar 2016: Added a page to tell the story of our safari adventure.

13 Feb 2016: Rebuilt this site to act as a forum for my writing as well as a more structured way to share my photos. I usually take photos when I'm traveling, and I've noticed that simply offering the photos can be a bit dull. So I want to tell the story that goes with the pictures. I'll build those pages in Adventures and advertise the latest here. Essays will be more reflective pieces that may or may not include photography.

2015 Cruise

Featured Gallery: 2015 England

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